ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks – kitchen

ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks – kitchen

We could all do with a little help around the home sometimes. This is my ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks – kitchen edition which will give you EVERYTHING you need to make life in the kitchen super easy when you are disabled or have a chronic illness.


Perching stool

This is a great way to be able to prepare meals without lengthy-standing. You can perch on the stool and prep to your heart’s content. I have this one from Amazon which is comfortable and functional. I like that it has adjustable legs so it can be set to the right height for the person using it and that it has side rails and a backrest to help support you.


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen




This “L” shaped knife is perfect for chopping and cutting food. The “L” shaped handle allows it to be used with the out intense pressure on hands or wrists. You can buy this one here.

You can also buy the bread version of this knife in my Amazon Store.

ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Boiling basket

Not able to lift heavy saucepans and pots full of food. Easy – just lift out the boiling basket and voila you don’t have to move a heavy hot pot. Perfect for veggies, potatoes or pasta. It’s always yes to carbs in my house! Again this basket reduces the risk of spills and burns.



ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Jar and bottle opener

I hate opening jars and bottles. I’m just not strong enough to do it. I hate asking others for help so this jar and bottle opener is perfect for all sizes of lids. Just squeeze it around the lid and turn. It’s much easier to use than it looks.


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Hands-free can opener

You can get a few variations of this but essentially it is a can opener that does the hard work for you. Just be careful on the sharp lid. This one from Culinare is only £5.99 and I actually have one in my caravan as well it is so good!


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Electric salt and pepper mills

I’d like me you love freshly ground salt and pepper then you will love these. Just push the button and the grinder does all the hard work. No more twisting and squeezing. Fantastic. These battery ones from Salter are perfect for the job.


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Kettle Tipper or One Cup

Making tea, coffee or hot drinks and causing a spill is my worst fear! The kettle can be heavy when filled with water and when you factor in that it is filled with boiling water then it becomes something to fear. But there are two ways to help prevent spills and burns when using the kettle. First is a kettle tipper. You simply tip the kettle up using the stand thus preventing lifting of the kettle.ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen
The second is a one-cup boiling water dispenser. You simply place the cup under the tap and press the button to dispense a cup of water. You can then use it to make tea, coffee or other hot drinks or soups. Perfect if you need to make a cuppa when you are on your own and the risk of burns is minimal. It only takes a few seconds to dispense the water as well which is great.


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen

Anti-fatigue mat

Finally in my ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen edition is the anti-fatigue mat. Standing in the kitchen can be exhausting. The average meal takes about 20 minutes to prepare and cook which when you have a chronic illness or a disability is a flipping long time! This anti-fatigue mat helps to prevent leg and joint pain allowing you to stand for a little bit longer. No more burning dinner because you have gone to sit down!


ULTIMATE guide to spoonie hacks kitchen
Have I forgotten any?


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