Curvy Kate In My Dreams sleep bra review

Curvy Kate In My Dreams sleep bra review

Curvy Kate In My Dreams sleep bra review.


I’ve never had much luck with bras. My heavy breasts have always been the bane of my existence. I don’t ever remember wearing anything less than a DD cup. I now sit around a 38 or 40 GG – backbreaking I know!


I’ve always worn bras to bed as well. Uncomfortable underwire digging into me as I tried to sleep. I always preferred that over the alternative which was free boobs being lopsided and usually roaming free from my PJs come morning or as I like to call it the “dreaded uniboob!!”


The bra

So when I saw the Curvy Kate In My Dreams sleep bra I was intrigued. This bra was made specifically for wearing in bed. I ordered this bra in a size 40G/GG. The cup was really roomy and to be honest, I could have gotten away with an F/FF cup.


It is made from sustainable bamboo marl although you only need to know that it’s super soft and lightweight. The only colour-way available is a lovely grey/peach combination which if I’m honest for bed is really pretty. I would like to see more colour ways in this bra as it is so much more than a sleep bra and I for one would be happy to wear under clothes.


What I love

The In My Dreams sleep bra is breathable and non-wired. I’ve never had a non-wired bra as my ample breasts simply were too much. Well not anymore. This bra has an innovative boob separator that stops your breast from being crushed together. It comes in sizes 30 DD/E to 40 J/JJ. I would like to have seen bigger back sizes as I feel there should be more inclusivity.



The band has 3 hook fastenings and adjustable straps. The soft band has supportive elastic which gently hugs your ribs holding you perfectly in place. You could also use this bra for breastfeeding in a pinch as it’s easy to whip a boob out.


As you know I have fibromyalgia and I absolutely love this bra. It’s just a genius design that is super soft and comfortable all day long.


This bra gives you a lovely hold!! I would be confident enough to wear these under clothes during the day. It is simply beautiful. In fact, I’ve been super reluctant to take it off! The mesh boob sling stops your breasts from escaping from the bra so you can lie on your side with no worries.


The quality of the In Your Dreams bra is really great. Its seams and edges are well finished and there are no stray threads, weak seams or rough finishing but I do wonder if the fabric may bobble over time but that is easily sorted with a fuzz remover.




The only downside to the bra is the price. At £30 it is quite pricey. I always feel us larger ladies get the crap end of the stick having to fork out much more of our hard-earned cash for good quality bras. However good this bra is, it will definitely be out of the price range of some which is really unfortunate as it is such a good bra. You can buy this bra through Curvissa or Simply Be as well as the Curvy Kate website



Curvy Kate has outdone themselves in my opinion. This bra ticks all of the boxes especially for those of us out there dreaming (see what I did there!) of an unwired bra.


So that’s it – I don’t think I can sing the praises of this bra any more so I’ll finish by asking if you have tried this bra? What are your thoughts?




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